3-Color Gradient Background

Paprika Xu

Designer / growing gardens in Lutruwita / aural, somatic, poetic / part of Common而間, a small workers co-operative that reads books and makes softwares / previously led product design at Canva / always becoming / once a tumble leaf

Haiku 08

Oct 4, 2023  12:12am

directionless like 
a locrian fugue with no flat
dissonant but rare

diminishing like
a sine wave army of my
destroyed chromatic

Haiku 07

Vigilant perhaps
Out of shower, out of rain
Negligently synced

Haiku 06

Cow photo frames lie
       side by side, conversations
Wool socks, smoky hair

Haiku 05

Dec 7, 2019

Troubles are weekdays
cruising into the weekends
staying with the trouble

Haiku 04

Jan 29, 2020  @London

Take your place in this
city of sadness under
spinning silver eye

       if you ask me why
       the peasants sing and poets cry
       a lie, is a lie

Haiku 03

Two parts of the same
self fulfilling prophecy
    to quit / not to quit?

Haiku 02

Jul 26, 2019

Lately, winter blooms
Black beans grow in my bedroom
Gentle cracks - feelings.

Things that connect us -
I am ready to receive
Sundown, whales dreaming.

Three years a spiral
I don’t know what I have missed
Hugs, apologies.

Tunnel ends, lights on
Apocalypses. Lean in -
Breaking open me.

Haiku 01

Oct 15, 2018

So the days went by
    As my aura learned sovereignty
A hole, an entry