3-Color Gradient Background

Paprika Xu

Designer / growing gardens in Lutruwita / aural, somatic, poetic / part of Common而間, a small workers co-operative that reads books and makes softwares / previously led product design at Canva / always becoming / once a tumble leaf

Keep moving


Released as part of LANTAU爛桃 (EP)

keep moving with smoke
no standing now you have seen
rainbow and called the exit
we are all related

I shed a skin
from a thousand days away
in the same city
that breathes violently
in through the glass
and out through the concrete
where I first saw myself in the mirror
and gave myself in
where the zig zag vanished and
spiral began
death is no longer fear
but dying
or living
is what I can think of only
each and every moment
of breathing that vapour steam
burning is only when it exists