3-Color Gradient Background

Paprika Xu

Designer / growing gardens in Lutruwita / aural, somatic, poetic / part of Common而間, a small workers co-operative that reads books and makes softwares / previously led product design at Canva / always becoming / once a tumble leaf

Party history

Feb 20, 2021

For Gabe

Here we are at the party
At the dusk, where sky is almost all but light and
nothing but people and things passing by
passing down the warmth and colour
in exchange of comfort
or poetry
this country, almost nothing but light and
All but poetry
You and I are passing by

        We met by the mirage harbour
        We met again on the desert island
        Spacetime is amiss
        We met finally by a mirage harbour on a desert island of light

For the last time
you and I passing down the pages and backpacks
passing through the prehistoric rainforest
where life may as well be all lively and no living
passing through the dusk til it’s dawn
on the other side of me being your witness
your history
and you being mine
passing through our bodies down to each molecules
electric pulses
traveling across many oceans
you going towards your history, your poetry
as I march away from mine

Here, we arrived at the party
and party is over
snap the line now as
you and I passing by.