3-Color Gradient Background

Paprika Xu

Designer / growing gardens in Lutruwita / aural, somatic, poetic / part of Common而間, a small workers co-operative that reads books and makes softwares / previously led product design at Canva / always becoming / once a tumble leaf


Jul 18, 2019

Released as part of LANTAU爛桃 (EP)

scroll back all the way to the beginning
memory leaks, glitches, unsorted, incomplete
summer days, river haze, blissfully ignorant
time out, dust to dust, ignorance is bliss

back from last time I knew it was a circle
a spiral, rather, upward and solo
round and around, same path I follow
different but the same, a joke I swallow

almost died last year, I know I didn’t
shattered glasses, twisted metal, in the bush hidden
said “luck! you got away with insurance monies”
granny who saved me said “kid take it easy”
said “you’re truly still meant to be here”
“we won’t forget the coast road from invercargill”
“will always think of you at your corner we travel it often.”
for these things they must happen for a reason

things are letters unwritten
in the bushes hidden
in the creeks hidden
in the hopes hidden

in the songs forbidden
the books forgotten 
regrets forgiven

attention, paying your biggest fortune
let it all go, dance! sleep. dance!
hug people often
wrap your arms around your own body
no curtains
clothing unnecessary
i mean, take a closer look
is it taken cared of lately
moments of crisis / zero degrees mornings
water the plants / damp pillow slips
touch upon touch / seasons changing
visualizations, positivities, weary airports
new leaves

by the time you remember time is renewed
time for doing nothing
for enjoying the joy
and feeling the feelings
time’s no circles it circulates in spirals
got time in no place and every place
no place at all

“you only are free 
when you realize you belong no place
you belong every place
no place at all.”